Controversial Jiren vs Kaido - who was the better antagonist?

Who was the better antagonist?

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I'll go with Jiren. Both of these feckers are bland but at no point was Jiren particularly disappointing or pathetic. The bloke wasn't crying in pain every time somebody as relevant as Krillin was dealing a paper cut to him.

Jiren is bland and boring but not shit. Kaido is definitely 100% shit and disappointing.
LOL, Liren needed Toppo's speech to get up and fight vs. Freeza, gtfo here with that shit.
Even Moro is better kaido version . You don’t need headcannon to understand Moro thinking like why Moro doesn’t kill goku and vegeta from start which he want goku and vegeta to grow like cattle so he can eat their energy .

Moro arc may have flaw but nowhere near wano arc flaws

Other that kaido claimed to kill people like cp0 agent, failed , fail to kill kinemon twice.

@Shiroyru Akainu is more compare to Jiren in person wise in senses of justice and serious amd took justice seriously. You can bet Akainu will rage when luffy preach friendships speech on him. It is easy predict akainu flashback will have Batman/Jiren flashback.

Of course Akainu and jiren have different method as not to kill (Jiren) and to kill (Akainu)
To be fair, Kaido and Jiren are pretty different in their role in the story.

Kaido is not just an arc antagonist, he is a major antagonist for a saga and for the series as a whole. The man had over a decade of build up and hype since Garp first mentioned him back at the tail end of Water 7/Enies Lobby. Nearly the entire Post-TS so far has been dedicated to bringing him down.

Jiren by comparison is a single arc antagonist that faces off against the MC in a tournament. The bloke had zero previous hype and build up outside of his debut arc.

So ask yourself these two questions;
I) Was Kaido a character that fulfilled 10 years worth of expectations for his status as a major series antagonist?

II) Was Jiren fine for a single arc antagonist with little to no previous expectations?
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OT: i was actually hyped a lot for Jiren. I still re-watch some scenes of the ToP occasionally. To me, and considering the insane attention that arc received, Jiren was a total success in the anime. In the manga he was trash.

I still didn't re-watch a single Rooftop fight scene other than Asura.

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For all of Kaido’s flaws, Jiren was literally just STRONG, nothing but raw power from start to finish. Pretty boring for an antagonist to have no backstory past “A bad guy killed his teacher” and no personality past “Pissed off and insecure” when compared to someone with relevance to the overarching storyline and a presence therein longer than 30 seconds before their introduction, who also has more creative powers and more interesting subordinates than Jiren :luuh:


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They are both shit for the most part. Simple hur dur big strong characters with no deep substance to them.

Kaido has a wider story but doesn't accomplish much in it either. His former Captain is more interesting to people than him.

Jiren backstory was probably witnessed by everyone and their mothers in various different shows.
I enjoyed Jirens fighting style and his antagonist aura more, Kaido is weird, sure he did a number on Luffy and koed him 3-4 times, but overall, Jiren was the ”one man army” Kaido can only dream about.
Both had mediocre stories, from these stories Kaido became a suicidal drunkard with a good devil fruit, who enjoys to terrorize a country, Jiren wanted more power, to avoid potential tragedies or to prevent them. Now, some relate more to Kaido, others to Jiren, so each with his own preference.