JOJO Part 6 : Final episodes !

In the end, it's like Rick replacing Morty's body with one of the multi-verse. Nothing really changes except for the audience who is mind-fucked for a minute.

I read the first chapters of Steel Ball Run, looks fun. People are hyping it so fucking much that it scares me to have masterpiece level expectations. I'm trying to un-hype myself sometimes.
Imo, forget about all the hype or de-hype you read about it so far - judge it like you would any other part (or series). There are bound to be things you like and things you dislike anyway, no matter the hype
I am trying, haha. Even if I believe being hyped can make a difference. I think that reading -and not watching- my first part is still a great experience. I liked Stone Ocean that is considered mid or bad by the community, so I'm not really actually that much worried about it to be honest.
If you want to, you can keep us posted about your progress and opinions on the part in a dedicated thread

Just an idea ofc lol

Whatever you choose, enjoy the read!