Katakuri Takes Down Big Mom in Wano


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Garp at 48 went from struggling to beat Chinjao after many clashes, to oneshotting him cause he grew his Haki.

48 means nothing, Kata will grow stronger to be top tier, next time we see him, Admiral level
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Anyway, Kata won't fight his Mom
He won't but it will be nice if he takes over in the future and transforms them into Charlotte Pirates.

I think his fight against Luffy opened his eyes and he will train more and maybe look differently at various things.
Katakuri hasn't openly defied his mother and I doubt that he would ever challenge her, he is fully aware that she is much stronger than him and that challenging her could cause a civil war within his family and he certainely doesn't want to see his siblings fighting each other and having to hurt them, not all of BM's children are loyal to her only out of fear and most would side with her than with a losing party.
Also Big Mom would certainely not leave Totto Land defenseless, she isn't crazy or stupid enough to leave her kingdom without a good portion of her crew to rule and watch over it while she's away.
And for someone who doesn't take failure well she isn't completely ruthless as she still kept Snack alive and well despite his defeat against Urouge, didn't punish Tamago for having been bested by Pedro and took with her to Wano several of her children that failed or were beaten during WCI arc.

So I do not believe that she discarded Katakuri, Cracker and the others.

And I do not view her as a psychopath either, she has traits that psychopaths do not have, and this term is too quickly and easely used to categorize characters without knowing what is a psychopath anyway.
Probably, but that’s the old Katakuri my theory is that his defeat by Luffy will change him to be more like Luffy.

When the BMPs are talking about Big Mom getting captured by Kaido they don’t even care. They are indifferent, they already start talking about who takes over.

Who defended Whitebeard’s territory while he was away?

Also, Kaido thinks she has her executives with her. In reality she only brought one. He thought that because her going to Wano is a declaration of war.

Those were minor slights compared to the destruction Luffy caused to her reputation. Urouge was dealt with Snack was still punished. Imagine the punishment Katakuri and Brûlée would get.

critical mindset

Sanji cracks Luffy's head while Kuri fails to crack anything of Luffy. Vergo is a good opponent for Kuri His ap sucks so how is he taking down BM with her iron body who has homies to vaporise the shit out of the mochi so that he can't choke her