Kingdom - Chapter 668: Betrayal

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The cliffhanger..:nicagesmile:
The ritual looked like an absolute hell. Bodies flying everywhere and so much blood. Is it just me or the ritual had some dudes in it too..??
I’m still positive that Shiki wasn’t actually trying to kill Rei but was trying to save her instead by dying in her place. Shiki will be pulling some Itachi moment next chapter. :steef:
I’m still positive that Shiki wasn’t actually trying to kill Rei but was trying to save her instead by dying in her place.
That's what her idea was. She probably knew Rei wouldn't kill her, so Shiki said she would kill her without hesitation and that they are enemies now. She made sure that Rei would distance her from her and be ready to fight for survival no matter what. Just so Rei would actualy go for the kill, Shiki would stop in the last second and let Rei kill her, this way she would save and leave Rei alive.
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Damn son, I wasn't wrong when I say that the Shiyuu Clan ritual is one of the most brutal test out there.
The Shiyuu Clan ritual by far. It's basically the battle of the fittest and it's even more brutal cuz the participants are your siblings/close friends and you have to kill them with no mercy.
Kiri and ROOT came close second. You have to kill other students/brother in order to pass the test.
While it's true that you don't have to be the one that kill your siblings, that's depend on how long you would survive at the last moment. And this chapter proves it. Shiki definitely wasn't trying to kill her since she stated that Shiki is stronger than her but rather let Rei kill her instead for you know, personal reason (like Itachi vs Sasuke for example). I think next chapter we will have a confirmation of why Shiki let Rei kill her and maybe the outcome of Kyoukai vs Rei. Great chapter.:cheers:
I hope this mini-arc ends as soon as possible. I couldn't care less about any of this ''Shiyuu'' stuff in the middle of a Qin/Zhao war. The placement of these events are so bad. I also hate how Kyoukai has become weaker and now she has to find a way to regain her strenght.
All this shit with Houken and Kyokai has always bothered me even fillers are better this is a strategy manga with martial art as guiding force if I want a pure fighting manga I can read something else
The author still has all 6 states to conquor he should start to revolve things