Powers & Abilities List the possible candidates to have Coc or even Acoc from now on...

With Green Bull being the last Admiral to debut and not demonstrating COC or even ACOC, here is the complete list of all Conqueror Haki users:

You will list the possible candidates to have this Haki but the user has not yet been demonstrated using (users that possibly have or will have in the future.)My list consists of:

Tier 1 of possible candidates:

1 - Blackbeard.
2 - Monkey D Dragon.
3 - Sabo.
4 - Mihawk.
5 - Shiki.
6 - Rocks D. Xebec.
7 - Sanji.

The level 2 of possible candidates is based on characters that have a 0.5% chance of having Coc or even Acoc:

1 - Garp
2 - Admirals (including Akainu)
3 - Other members.

@Erkan12 @Wildfire Kaios @Tejas @Swallalala @Kerkovian @MonsterKaido @Hanzo hattori @Nikuzi etc...
Jimbe having the quality of a ruler\conquerer must not be overlooked IMO. He is on the path to make the world tolerable for the fishmen, has strong willpower, is strong in haki, has made a name for himself.
Yes it's true, if Oda doesn't forget this factor he should probably get on my tier 1 list of possible candidates.
Sabo should be a lock for tier 1 on every list

Koby is tier 1 too

Garp has no fruit so if he doesn’t have ACoC he’s a godlike fighter the OP verse has never seen before

Sanji has a decent chance of getting it but idk if he’s tier 1… somewhere in the middle maybe

Dragon and Mihawk are 100% locks

I think Jinbei is too old to unlock CoC at this point in the game. If there’s a tier 3 he’s in it

Imu 100% has it
Smoker, Lucci, unnamed boss of CP0, Kong, Imu, Samurai Gorosei, Morgans, Enel, Fujitora, Kuzan, Garp, Mihawk, Dragon, Crocodile, Beckman, Sakazuki
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