Powers & Abilities List the possible candidates to have Coc or even Acoc from now on...

I hope this isn’t an ordered list from most likely to least.

Because if so then Rocks D Xebec belongs at the very top of that list. The man gathered a crew full of future top heavy Conquerors and was Roger the future Pirate King’s greatest enemy. His CoC might have even been the strongest there’s ever been. There is literally zero point zero percent chance he doesn’t have CoC.
I don't really see Aramaki having it after it was shown he views being capable of gaining followers as remarkable along with his reaction to Conqueror's haki but I do think Akainu, Aokiji and Fujitora have it.

Akainu, Aokiji and Fujitora all have very strong convictions with Akainu and Aokiji literally fighting for 10 days over theirs with Aokiji being unwilling to even work under Akainu afterwards. Akainu and Aokiji have clearly influenced quite a lot of their fellow Marines seeing as Akainu even has the admiration of Aramaki and Smoker looked up to Aokiji so much.

I haven't seen anything from Kizaru to suggest he has it though Oda could probably do more with him. Sengoku was confirmed to have it, kinda opening the way for Marines to have it and I think Garp having it is very likely.

Monkey D. Dragon, Blackbeard and Mihawk will all showcase it in my opinion. Rocks D. Xebex definitely had it, the guy had so many notable conquerors under him. Im probably has it. Shiki having it would be reasonable but I'm not sure if he'll ever appear to showcase it.

Coby and Sabo will probably display it. Maybe Sanji, Usopp and Jimbei but at the same time, none of them could have it and it would still work fine to be honest. Beckmann probably has it, maybe Shiryu as well.

I'm only looking at regular Conqueror's haki, not the ability to imbue it into attacks. With that, I expect even fewer to have that.
I really don't think Jimbei has it. He has been a pirate for decades and has been through more shit than most of the sh combined, if he had coc then certainly by now he would have awakened it.

Rocks seems like a guaranteed coc user. Mihawk most likely as he is Zoro's endgame.
Blackbeard is built up as the or one of the final vilain so it's likely too.
Dragon is pretty much guaranteed to have it as Luffy's dad.
Sabo is a possible candidate but I don't think he has it.
Garp probably has it considering he was Roger rival.
Beckman maybe ? He is Shanks number two so solely because of that.
Sanji might have it because he is one of the main fighter
Usopp is a dark horse but I think it would be cool and it would be a good way to prove he is a brave warrior of the sea.
The admirals probably not I believe they had plenty of opportunities to show it if they had.

I think those are the main candidates
Tier 1: Mihawk - Garp - Dragon - A Must have, would be weird as fuck if these guys don't have COC
Tier 2: Blackbeard - Akainu - Coby - supposedly Luffy's fights, highly likely to have COC but does have a small chance of not having. I know Blackbeard may seem like a lock for COC but maybe Oda wants to develop his DF's abilities instead of Haki so eh.
Tier 3: Law - Sabo - Sanji - the number 3 of a trio. I think are in the same position, they have qualities of the conquerors yet haven't shown or unlocked COC so far. 50/50 on them unlocking. Of the 3, Sanji has the most chance to unlock COC since he's gonna be the one who gets the most focus at this point forwảd. Law is the least likely since he's gone through like 4 arc, beaten an Emperor and still no sign of COC.
With Green Bull being the last Admiral to debut and not demonstrating COC or even ACOC, here is the complete list of all Conqueror Haki users:

You will list the possible candidates to have this Haki but the user has not yet been demonstrated using (users that possibly have or will have in the future.)My list consists of:

Tier 1 of possible candidates:

1 - Blackbeard.
2 - Monkey D Dragon.
3 - Sabo.
4 - Mihawk.
5 - Shiki.
6 - Rocks D. Xebec.
7 - Sanji.

The level 2 of possible candidates is based on characters that have a 0.5% chance of having Coc or even Acoc:

1 - Garp
2 - Admirals (including Akainu)
3 - Other members.

@Erkan12 @Wildfire Kaios @Tejas @Swallalala @Kerkovian @MonsterKaido @Hanzo hattori @Nikuzi etc...
Since Dressarosa every big arc has 2+ conqueror's haki users introduced.
Dressarosa - Chinjao, Doflamingo.
WCI - BM, Katakuri.
Wano - Kaido, Yamato and Kid and Zoro if you want to count them.
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