SRM urkel themed mafia

the mafia and strong town roles have a post restriction where they have to stutter in every post or they get roleblocked
the town vig has to say "did i do thaaaat?" if they shoot a townie
@Ratchet if you sign up for a game like this you're getting the vig role (with buffs and protection so you don't get n1'd)
ill buy you a dakimakura of your fave waifu or some merch
or odd will (i volunteer him)


The End and the Beginning
omg so fanverse is an Impfnazi board? People are insulting me because IΒ΄m unvaccinated and are spreading hate speech against all unvaccinated without being stopped?! :lawsigh:

DonΒ΄t know yet how Mafia is there but as a board itself I prefer Worstgen.
I think the Mafia section we have there is pretty neat. I can't speak for the rest of the site, I barely use it. It has had its fair share of scandals and sleaze, so best to just ignore it, I find.
I have to agree with rion, no need for any tribal stuff. If you like one site over the other it's fine but I do think since their is already an overlap between communities then why not extend the offer by forming an alliance. No reason to block players from inviting players to play on a different site, at the end of the day we are all part of the same community, this will benifet everyone involved to get games running over waiting months to be able to get one game going
No one listens to ole Rion. It's a tale old as time buddy. Lol