General Mafia General Chat

That was a great game lol

Though there is also the game you cost us my first actual mafia game outside of Tos where you cost us the game because you were out partying for you birthday lol. @Underworld Broker lol
Haha it was very unlucky. But what can you do lol
lame. You should really try to get back to hosting again, it's pretty fun with all those custom setups and mechanics
yea I just don’t have the time really


There's no "Tina!"
You want me to play the most stress type of mafia all the Light games :few:
Please don’t leave Zem! Also Light games are a lot fun. No abilities to mess with you, pure reads, so people have to post more and interact more.

It’s the real mafia experience. Also, please don’t leave us ;—;


There's no "Tina!"
Hosting is simple silly noctis
I remember the Fairy Tale Folklore games you hosted. Man it was so much fun being mafia in one of them.

I fake claimed Pete’s dragon in one of the games and got out of a guilty result on me lmao. But the Indie Karo won in the end. She played so well.

Muugen was a blast that game. His slot was confirmed scum day 1 and subbed out. Muugen subbed in only to get lynched, but he bullshitted so well and survived till fucking end game Lmaoo.

I still remember him ranting. Gosh so funny.


I don’t think he played properly in each game, though.

He was with me in one of the games when he was playing 5 games at once, and he was barely active. Maybe he was more active in the other games, don’t know.

But yeah, 4+ games is crazy hard.
Back when I was a new player I joined three OJ games at once, that ToS, Trad, and Reg and it was tedious since when you play multiple games it's hard to take them seriously