Discussion Power Martial arts vs Ninja skills

I dont think one style is better than the other, it just depends on the person. Both have sides have amazing people come out from them.

In terms of Offence, I'd give it to the Ninjas since theyre usually faster and use weapons giving them a lethality advantage. However theyre usually more skinnier and lacking durability when theyre Ninjas. This just an assumption on my part, but I would give defence to the Martial Artists.

In terms of more impressive. The Ninjas introduced so far look more impressive than the Martial Artists. I wouldnt want to count Garou, since hes kinda an outlier and the more strength hes gaining.... the less technique hes using it seems.

Without counting Garou, Flash seems to be the most impressive. Giving the edge to Ninjas.


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Neither are more deadly honestly. It depends on how strong the user is. The strongest ninja we've seen is Flashy Flash while the stronger martial artist is awakened Garou who is broken.

I say on average, it's the ninjas. Pit Suiryu against Sonic, Hellfire or Galewind. The latter 3 have more going for them.
The Ninjas are all speedsters : Sonic, Gale, Hellfire, and Flashy all have extreme movement speed. So this is likely a ninja skill : to move fast.

They are also all good with weapons : blades, knife, kunais etc.

Martial artists have maybe more brute strength, are CQC masters too, but don't have range, and maybe swords are more lethal on average.
But a skilled martial artist can block and deflect a sword or bullets no problem.

I think on average the speed and the lethality of Ninjas win this.

But at their peak both style can be equal I think.
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I’ll personally go for martial arts. I would prefer Fist of Flowing Water Smashing Rocks upon some Ninja tricks.
Speed of Flashy Flash seems too good to be true but Martial Arts are no jokes.
Speed helps on offensive attacks but Martial arts give you the edge for countering any measures of attack.
Bang And Pre-Monster Garou still kicks ass for me..!!