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Welcome to the Multiverse Battledome section. This is a section where you can discuss crossover battles of characters from different verses. Before you create a thread though, please first familiarize yourself with the rules and guidelines covered here.

Pretty much the same rules from the One Piece Battledome also apply here. Be sure to also familiarize yourself with the general forum rules as well.

One Sided Threads
: When discussing crossover matchups of different verses, it can be hard to gauge the power and nature of how characters actually compare to each other and one sided threads are very common. To avoid blatantly one sided battles such as Nappa vs Zoro or Aizen vs Sanji, here are some helpful sources to give you a general idea of what characters are capable of and how certain abilities work:
Do keep in mind that the first two wikis may not be accurate all the way through especially with their DC or speed estimates for certain verses. It does help you get your feet wet on a general level.

Preferred Thread Template:


Character X Name (Series/Show Name)
- General Information -


Character Z Name (Series/Show Name)
- General Information -

- Your take/opinion on the match up -
You don’t have to follow the template provided up here to the tee but here’s a good example.

Besides that, you’re pretty much welcome to do as you see fit. Enjoy.
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