Who will be the Next Strawhat?

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PX-0 definitely didn't recieve orders to rescue Bonney. Clearly some of Kuma is left. And his memories were extracted and stored in egghead anyway, so it seems pretty clear he can be restored. Considering how much of him is machine, it's unreasonable to assume Vegapunk can't repair him after Akainu, and even if not, he can still clone him and even replicate his devil fruit. Also S-Bear exists. There are so many avenues for Kuma to survive this.
PX-0 started making his way to egghead before Bonney was in any danger.
The arguments about Kuma dying make sense, but so did the arguments about Kinemon dying. People yell "x character death flags" for at least one or two characters every arc and it never happens. Instead we get characters like Saul and Pound coming back from the dead.
Kuma dying would bring more significance and motivation to someone like Bonney than Kinemon to Momo. Kinemon isn’t targeted like how Kuma is.

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Bonney also has her own crew
Yeah, but she doesn't want to find One Piece as a Captain. She set out to find Kuma, making her one of the most interesting pirates, IMO.

The Pirates who aren't interested in the One Piece always have interesting motivations, IMO.

If joining the crew can help make Kuma free, Bonney would do it.
Just pointing out... Vegapunk has a dream, he crew doesn't have a scientist, he was already going to travel with the Strawhats anyways. He ticks just as many boxes as the desperate Bonney simps are saying she does.
uhm.. mate.. how to say this ..
The crew has literally 5 scientists on board.. lol

- An archeologist
- A botanist
- A doctor
- An engineer
- A climatologue

And what order is that? You're claiming he's dead based on headcannon with no evidence in a series that's infamous for never killing off characters.
Probably to protect egghead since he started moving as soon as Vegapunk initiated eggheads defense systems.

And it’s more that Vegapunk and kuma both knew This surgery will kill kuma and kumas actions in Marineford support that