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Superbowl Teams Predictions: 2022-23

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But yeah, blowing a 17 point lead like that is a huge yikes lmao :milaugh:
Still a successful season for them considering this is the 2nd time that they've ever reached the Championship game in franchise history (32 years) and they should be competitive for the next 5-6 seasons

BUT this was still a very winnable game that they could have put away with 1 or 2 more fgs from going to the Super Bowl for the first time ever. And unlike the NBA where you can contend for 10+ with a solid core + competent management (Celtics, Heat, Nuggets), most NFL teams outside of the Brady-Patriots or now the Mahomes-Chiefs historically never have a chance to get this far again (or to the Super Bowl) due to injury/wear + tear. Definitely expecting most if not all the Lions players to be crying rn, and I don't blame them one bit (no so much the Ravens tho lol)