General & Others No one can escape WCI... LOL

It's still the most horrifying place so far on One Piece thou
I mean, nowhere else so far we see this abomination born

The poor tontatta lad was probably traumatized for life
I think that he just climbed in there, waited 9 months, and put on some makeup when he climbed out and big mom was like "oh boy a baby"
These type of hypes are meant to be broken

"No one can escape ID" -> protagonists make it happen
"No one escapes WCI" -> idem
"Kaido cannot be killed" -> idem
Ofcourse when some challenge is presented people get hyped to see how it plays out, but not in odas case he is just writing shit. Before thinking and being excited about such things we are now used to think what BS/PIS oda will come up with. Just take kaidos fight, he said he doesn't know how to defeat kaido but luffy allready got a power up for a 1 v1.
What has it come to when the complaints are about the fucking antagonist being wrong when they declare that they'll kill the main characters lol.

In order to escape WCI they needed to avoid trying to beat the main antagonist, needed two veteran officer betrayals, Caesar's assistance, a surprise bomb, a change of heart from the villain's pawn, insubordination from her right hand man, an entire technological Kingdom to jam signals, and a crew of Fishmen to facilitate the path out by sea.

Even then Pedro had to die, the Sunny was damaged and submerged, and Jinbe was derailed for two weeks. The fact that they got off only losing one veteran, which never happens to the straw hats, was enough to consider it a victory. What's up with the reading comprehension on WG lmao
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