Le Fishe Thread Not only are all the Female Vegapunks the dumb ones, Buckin is also the dumb one among Mads.

I dont understand how Women are dumb in one piece when we have Nami and Robin in the main cast. I can agree if you say women are not depicted powerful or competent in one piece but calling them dumb is a big stretch.
I didn’t say women are dumb
I said the Vegapunk’s that are dumb are women. And the mads scientist that’s dumb is the woman one
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Hina is intelligent. Full-body is dumb
Robin is intelligent, Luffy is dumb
So what? Franky is a genius. So is Chopper. Hina has never even been called smart. How do you know she’s even smarter than Smoker?

the two greatest scientific organizations in the world are Mads and this Vegapunk group… and ALL THE WOMEN in the two greatest scientific groups are the dumb ones of the groups
And what nico robin actually did for the story?
In my records she just using her boobs to keep audience keep reading one piece
Onepiecedying doesn't have the attention span to comprehend anything he reads if there isn't a fight happening, more at 11

Anyway, nothing we've seen seems to indicate that Lilith is dumb. Or Atlas for that matter. And York has to be the hot one, so its a necessary sacrifice
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Nami ( makes maps and is the best navigator/weatherman )
Robin ( Archeologist )
Yamato ( taught her self how to fight just like Kaidou does and mixes her Devil Fruit with her style )
Big Mom ( conniving and smart, he tricked Judge and almost killed him )
York ( lives the most peaceful life of the Punks and female cast in general, but it's because she has to do the most important yet casual things for Vegapunk and his clones, without her they'd be dead from starvation and lack of sleep )
Black Maria ( baited Sanji and Robin into a trap to murder them )
Women are very useful and smart in One Piece, just gotta look harder.
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