Rules Official jojolands thread

I'm loving how it's literally 1 for 1 Rohan here
Add all the spin off stuff and it's clear who is his favorite

Also a canonically psychopath Jojo
That's gonna be somethin
What if Rohan somehow used Heaven's Door in the old universe when Pucci reset it to survive the process?
And this is the old Rohan we see?
There's a lot to unpack from this chapter.

It's interesting to see that Jodio has been classified as a psychopath and its really impacted his view of himself. It makes me wonder how much of that report has influenced himself and his belief in the Mechanism. It sounds like a matter of nature vs nuture, how much does Jodio use that report to justify his actions and how much is it him being part of his "natural" state. Its a step up from what was written about Johnny. Araki really pushing himself when it comes to developing his characters.

Ringo Rapeagain strikes again, I didn't expect him to come back and be even more creepy. That said I do hope that the Sexy Female Cop comes back again, it would have been funny if her name was Mary Jane. It's funny to see that for all of Jodio's grandeur, he's still a kid that can get fooled easy. NR also demonstrates how great it is to wash away evidence. I really hope that Jodio's stand is based on or inspired by Weather Report so much untapped potential of the stand.

Also loved the spreads of Hawaii during the road trip, no doubt that's what Araki was doing during his vacation. If the crew is going after the diamond, it would be neat if it was a refernce to the Red Stone of Aja.

Seeing Rohan is quite wild, I was expecting Joshu but this appearance takes the cake. I'm really hoping that this is the same Rohan from the original universe. It would be cool to see Heaven's door going all out like we never see in this part.