News ONE PIECE 7TH Characters Popularity Poll Announcement !!


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I blame oda
He made a complete joke of BM
And kaido is just bland

So its not surprising they are not popular
Well Kaido definitely looks a bit bland but he would have deserved to be at least in the freaking top 50 considering his magnitude haha. I bet not many care about power levels and villain relevance that is why.
Pretty cool. Can see Croc’s sand in the side (he’ll be fighting Doffy) and Sanji’s DJ. So probably Shanks and Blackbeard opposite the other two Yonko on the third cover, Warlords seem to be at the back, Strawhats the main figures in the second one. Not sure where the Roger Pirates and the Admirals will go, they should be in it, yeah? Top 100 characters? Kid I imagine will be mirrored with Law in the third one.
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Whats the big green thing behind Reiju meant to be?
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Ah never mind it’s Ursus Shock