One Piece Chapter 1,073: "Miss Buckingham Stussy"

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So we have theories floating about Saturn having some sort of Time fruit. Perhaps awakened Tokis fruit, which allows him to send people back in time as well. And then there are threads about him fighting Luffy.

What if it's the opposite? What if his secret goal is to send Luffy back in time to acquire knowledge about Imu or something like that? After all the Gorosei are basically slaves to Imu similar to Enels priests. Get with the program or die. So all this time they may have bided their time waiting for Joy Boy, the one and only capable of defeating Imu.
The image quality of the fan translation is so bad. This is why I only look at the raws when they come out and wait until Sunday for the official translation. But of course, people will always refer back to these pages when Oda's art is brought up in discussion.

Anyway, great chapter overall. It definitely isn't easy to juggle between so many different characters, but Oda has been doing well so far. I love how many moving parts there are to this final saga.