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No unprecedented fourth action chapter with Kaido. The CP0's speech last chapter transitions us to the executive fights (not the Big Mom executives though:doffytroll:), but that's good as I've been dying for some Strawhat action after so long.

Chopper getting some innocent animals addicted to his drugs. Just once I would like to see another Zoan user consume a Rumble Ball.

If Momo is kid Buggy, coasting on his connections, Tama is kid Shanks. Unbelievable the amount of smarts, bravery and initiative this 8-year old has shown. Let's run it down: 1) She prepared her own ride to Onigashima regardless of what the alliance was up to. 2) Came to enemy HQ with a plan, using the more mobile Gifters like Speed and Gazelleman to feed as many SMILE users from her preprepared pile. 3) Rescued Nami, Usopp, and now Franky and helped turn the tables on their Tobiroppo foes. 4) Got Usopp and his genius sniping involved in her plan. She wasn't even invited to the war, she forced her way in and brought all this to the table. Of course, Tama's power doesn't work until she gives her new slaves the order. It remains to be seen if Tama has ready-to-be-activated Gifters sleeping all over Onigashima by now, or if they're all coalescing behind her as of this chapter. They could help the Samurai numbers in general, be used to handicap the Tobiroppo, even help stall Kaido on the roof by forcing him to annihilate the army he spent time and resources building. Would Tama be that cruel?

Nami cooking up some fried dino, Franky cutting up the steak. Ulti took a surprise hit, but without Zeus the pachy that took a clubbing from Yamato will continue to eat hit after hit. Still a horrendous match up for glass cannon Nami. Meanwhile, Shogun Franky and Chief Sasaki was an even fight much to my shock. Franky even stopping and flipping a charging dino. Impressive how the mighty Armored Division quickly restrains Franky, only for Sasaki to sweep them all aside with his attack. Then Franky's delivers a victory slash that is just too clean. He did say he was building a weapon that would hurt even Kaido, Sasaki's just testing the warm up to that. SUPER interested in how this battle evolves with Tama. Will Sasaki have to fight his own division and Franky on top of it? Brainwashing all these Gifters to serve as personal slaves against their will. Putting the Tobiroppo in underdog positions, forced to fight the odds against their own nakama. There is no question Tama is the big bad here, Luffy and Zoro are just her henchmen.
Amusing that the people eating Tama's dangos get a big fat smile on their face because of the taste, while those who eat Kaido's SMILEs have a 90% chance to lose all emotion except the ability to smile.

Lord Sanji crucified for our sins against monster girls. Sanji yet again webbed in a different position, probably meaning he keeps undoing them only to get sticky once more. In the process, he knocked out the few males and took a beating from the females of Black Maria's harem. Not enough blood flowing to his brain right now telling him to activate the raid suit. Understandable, the man is living his fetish. The fanbase wants Robin to fight Black Maria, she herself is asking for Robin using Sanji as bait, but the King says no. King orders the free Maria to finish off the weakened Scabbards, apparently teleported closest to her location. I just have to say King, in the middle of fighting Marco with Queen, taking intel reports/analyzing the situation/relaying orders, is a pretty awesome look for him.

Chapter ends teasing yet another silhoutte. Law sent the Scabbards not to a safe location held down by allies, or to his own crew mates who are all medical professionals, but to this empty space where this mystery person found them. The possibility of Kanjuro rocking an ink costume this entire time is fascinating, but I'll stick to Hiyori doing her part for the raid. She only contributed giving Zoro first aid after Kamazou and handing over Enma. Hiyori is not joining the flying skull any other way unless it comes crashing down over the capital. She made a promise in 955 not to meet the others until the battle was over, which it technically is for the Scabbards, however I could see her with full intention to keep herself hidden and only help the others in secret. Now what would Queen do if Black Maria reported that the 10th shadow looks like Komurasaki? A reveal the Beast Pirates and Orochi's side are still clueless on. Sanji is at his worst when he's fighting women, he's at his best when he's protecting them.

While we're likely to continue with Jinbe and Yamato, my biggest concern remains how in the world are the Supernova at their weakest surviving hybrid Kaido? Are they about to get handed an offpanel defeat just like Jack and the Scabbards? It's hard to predict Oda's exact process as usual, but I would have felt better about their chances if not for the cutaway. Wouldn't even blame them if they were actually on the run for 10 minutes.:madmonk:
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