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Top tier Hybrid Marco :steef: getting bruised and overpowered by Zoan King

:whitepress:pathetic Sasaki

:beckmoji: Oda shouldn't waste pages on Maria again

:kata: Jack the beast

Oh... Jinbei bruised and using koka already vs WhoWho

:myman:Top tiers Marco, Top high tier Jinbei ,
All seemes to be put at their normal level by Oda in this chapter
They weren't high as many think.

Hybrid Yamato >~ Hybrid King >~ hybrid Marco >= Base Yamato
You realize Jinbe is a fishman right? He can't use half his moves. He specifically stated he is nerfed on land in Impel Down.

This is Jinbe at 50% and he's fighting WW's entire army. WW is the strongest TR. He is >= Pero level.
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