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2VS1 and can't stop papazuki :josad:

Admirals > Marco
Selectivly chooses one panel
Kizaru needed distraction and help to survive Marco
Marco hold off Akainu for minutes by himself with no trouble until Ace says his last words
No Admiral ever overpowered Marco or hurt him close to what he got from Kong and Queen
King's base form Attacks >> Yasakani no magatama


It’s been 7 chapters since 999. Do you think Queen magically teleported to the live floor? No, Marco probably kicked him there.
Bro if Queen was fighting Marco then why was he focused on Hyou this chapter?
Why was he not shown fighting Marco the past 2 chapters.

King is the only one who was busy with Marco
Thats why Queen is shown this chapter focusing on Hyou and Chopper
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