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You think those beas is enough to beat Cracker? Lol
yes. Are you delusional? Do you read the story?

Jack would body the fuck outta cracker.

Queen stomps

king stomps.

cracker can’t do anything to them

Next up is who’s who

who’s who is fighting jinbe.

who’s who is not even in hybrid yet.

This is gonna be a high diff fight for jinbe and jinbe>cracker.


Dude please shut up. You were saying Oden was YC1. You have no clue when it comes to powerscaling.
The same guys
This chapter shows Marco can't last longer than hour if he is attacked endlessly ...
The chapter shows that Marco has indeed good skills but not G4 tier AP or speed

They think these feats means Marco > Katakuri

Doffy could multistask and not be exhausted for tanking bullets

Can you imagine Katakuri being hurt or really damaged by bullets/beams/explosions lol when ichiji pont blank self explosion didnt
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