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Imagine Marco + Jozu vs King + Queen

the WBP will bulldoze them
Jozu doesn't have long range attacks or can fly like Marco

Oh BTW, Marc didn't show long range attacks
He had to fly next to King/Queen
He was mear them whenever he attacked hem.

Marco and Vista high diff King and Queen
Marco and Jozu loses to King and Queen High high diff
The tragedy is Hyou dying. And Onigashima being near the Capital means Kaido may fall sooner than we thought since he will definitely not succeed in dropping Onigashima on the flower capital
Nah, Hyou dying only is not enough to call it tragedy, It's not like he isn't a likeable character but it's not enough. Showing people dying from a island falling into them is what i would call a tragedy. And of course showing the loses in our side after that would be a lot better.

Kaidou falling already? I doubt that, first of all we don't have all the matches yet(Sanji is the example to this), we don't know anything about Fukurokuju, Hawkins, Sanji's match, the person who we suppose could be Hiyori, Yamato and Kaidou's backstory, the person who was talking with Marco in Nekomamushi's ship, etc. And Onigashima is moving at a high speed and is already near the flower capital but you think that the last boss of this arc will fall already? How?

If Oda didn't plan Onigashima to fall into the flower capital then he wouldn't show us Mt Fuji this soon because it wasn't even necessary. It's impossible to defeat Kaidou in just a few chapters.
Don't start throwing your anti-Carrot parade yet mate. She might be down but she's not out and given that the clouds were blocking out the moon, Perospero got the edge over them while they were in their base form. And the fact that he didn't kill her leaves room for her to retaliate
She lost in sulong form so i doubt she'll get a rematch with Perospero but she might sneak attack him in the end to finish him indeed :kata:
Imagine Marco + Jozu vs King + Queen

the WBP would bulldoze them
Is hard to see how even King and Queen could match them seeing how Marco alone deal with them while protecting the alliance behind him. But I feel like Marco and Vista are the strongest members of WB(both are special amount the WBP based on data vivirecard) and both where lead the WBP against Akainu.
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