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no what I said is he offered him a duel and then said he wasn’t in the mood then and there. He doesn’t say that typically and just asks if the person wants to fight
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how the hell are you cappin for katakuri like this?
Lul what? Its the same thing if you think offering a duel means something. Shanks said super rookie Ace, did you come for a fight?

Gol D. Roger

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Queen on the floor , Shaking...cant syand up till next chapter after 10 minutes or so
"Queen wasn't out "
You don't get beaten to the point of getting knocked out and then be energetic enough to KO a Yonko after a few minutes. It doesn't take a world-class genius to see Queen pretended like he was knocked out.

Give it up, MF is old news
Yes, As is WCI but they're still relevant.

King made Marco exhausted with low tier moves
Just accept it Marco can't fight long
Katakuri did hiry Boundman, toyed with Luffy and was disappointed at it

Base Luffu dodged mogura only twice

Let Marco tank bullets and beams first without being almost done.

:milaugh:the person that can beat katakuri or Cracker gets to be weakened and lose to bullets
Marco no soled an attack from Kizaru which was meant to kill WB and then Marco continued to fight for 3 hours, encountered admirals on multiple occasions. Prodigies of WG think low-tier attacks can exhaust him. :josad:
Even Oda knows it was plot no jutsu that they did nothing for 5 years when they could have defeated Kaido and Orochi forces lol

Translated a bit of Hyogoro's thoughts:

You know Oden...if only I had challenged Kaido with you back in the days when we had a surplus of power..I do wonder sometimes...!! Nevertheless Kinemon and others have pulled off a brilliant raid!! And I myself have an interesting student...!!

Wano's dawn will surely come!!!
That's what I just said. "People say" only works in the One Piece world. If the world thinks that's Monkey D. Luffy, then that's Monkey D. Luffy.
The marines who lives in One Piece world, know the influence of mihawk, his past bounty and the things he has done better than you, they live in that world. You don't. So them saying Vista and DR Zoro is close to WSS means a lot.

What Demaro Black is pretending as Luffy has got to do with this? Lol.
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