Who is this "Oden"?

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People stop making it difficult for yourselves to understand if this is indeed oden

1. Oden (the one on Rodgers ship) Is the one that is sent to the further future by his wife's a ability

2. He then witnesses future events
3. His only participation in the future is him and his future scabbards destroying the island that is about to drop on wano. Which will make people in wano that did not believe that the scabbards were alive shocked in awe to see them alive with oden

4. It ends with oden shedding a tear as he watches luffy and zoro defeat kaido.

5. He reminisces to himself that even after himself Enma will be in good hands.

6. He returns back to his present timeline knowing the events that will transpire and starts writing his journal detailing the events as a prophecy.

7. Because of his new knowledge he does not except the help of the Rodger or whiteboard crew in regards to solving his problems in wano

8. Everything including odens death happens as we original know. The only thing is now we the readers fully understand as to why oden knew these things before it happened[
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