Who will Kaido fight?

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Nah, Sanji low diffed Page One and made him disappear for a week before Onigashima. Zoro on the other hand needs his extreme diff rematch with Orochi to regain his lost honor. :finally: You don't want Zoro to be called a liar who doesn't keep his promises, do you?
Sanji never low diffed page one what you talking about?
How the heck Momo knows that Luffy is weakened?? He has awakened VOAT?? Seems like he can control his transformation much better too!!

Luffy attacking hastily but not able to damage Kaido?? Has he recovered from that time limit?? Looks like an exciting chapter!! Yamato and Momo arriving up top will be really nice!!
orochi being alive good for zkk :myman:
ame no habakiri kills the snake
enma kills kaido and becomes a black blade :myman:
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think he went missing after he saw wg not ko by hybrid kaido :milaugh: he tought worstgen gonna lose off screen @Jo_Ndule wake up :beckmoji:
Oda wouldn't offscreen their loss, Luffy is there. And he never offscreens Luffy's shit. Dunno who thought they would lose offscreen tbh.
yeah that was bullshit dunno
worstgen ain t the scabbards :kayneshrug:
One thing i learned since WCI is that plot matters more than powerlevels, it is what it is.

WG have plot relevance, they aren't losing quick or getting offscreened. Pretty simple.
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Though from the spoilers, are BM and Kaido just standing around and taking attacks/Brushing them off? I dont understand the wording.
Law is interested in the One Piece. Right before the Timeskip, he said they wouldn't be hasty heading into the New World because the One Piece wasn't going anywhere.
Yes you’re right, he will learn the true history and will fulfil the will of D. with Luffy together. His goal is the same as Robin but he doesn’t want to be king of pirates or the best in anything. He wants to understand his destiny and give the sacrifice of Cora-san a greater meaning. That will be Laws new role in the next Gen
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