Who will Kaido fight?

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Bro he was getting scolded by King earlier in the raid for how he failed in Udon prison, here in onigashima he has turned thousands of their allies against himself with his stupid games i'm sure his failures are weighing heavily on his mind. Going after Momo the scabbard and finishing them off would rectify some of that:sanmoji:
He's literally preoccipied with everyone he just turned into his enemies lmao. He don't have time for the Scabbards.
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She insisted that Zoro gives her a piggyback ride in Alabasta though soo.
Sanji factually stinks though.
Thats not hugging:kayneshrug:

Sanji factually smells amazing.
why is the truth funny? it hurt your feeling it truth

LOL UGLY hiyori, black maria called sanji cute BM>>>HIROYI
Perona loves Zoro too and Perona>>>>
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Well Zoro seem not interested in women atm but girls clinging to him(tashigi, hiyori).. i guess thats woman instinct when alpha male's around
Sanji fans really want their boi go to roof top after weeks saying zORo iS wEaK hE nEeDs hELpS tO FigTH YoNkOs aNd hE iS tHE fiRSt tO gEt TakEN oUT :milaugh::milaugh:
I dont understand why people would say that when Everybody on that roof needs help fighting a yonko........ none of them can do it by themselves. The minute Zoro got Enma it was obvious he was going to be in the Kaido fight.
very interesting how the plot is progressing, Yamato and the others heading to the roof is very interesting. Dont think Sanjis going to the roof , I think this Kaido thing is for Luffy and Zoro only, but this does lead to Sanji potentially saving momo and the others again from a commander.
Didn’t Toki mention that Kaido will be defeated by 9 shadows, Sanji’s gotta be included
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