Who will Kaido fight?

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Im just being serious, Sanji is much faster than zoro and invisible he'll give sakazuki a harder time its about matchups
remember Sakazuki was someone who was lucky enough to make it out alive against a fight with WB

zoro with enma and sanji RS vs Sakazuki.

and i don't think zoro and sanji are even a finger nail worth compared to WB.... but neither was akainu lets be honest

someone like marco and Vista couldn't put a dent to sakazuki... who are better kicker and swordsman arguably...

If sanji and zoro of all out HM & Ashura on akainu then there may be a chance? EXTREME diff... idk i honestly can't imagine this fight
No ,Yonko>admiral=>Sanji>Zoro
SANJI over zoro..... zoro has an edge arguably

but regarding akainu vs sanji and zoro

we dunno what they are capable off in a 1v1.. Zoro has the DC... and so does Sanji... but ni ceiling so hard to say

the thing is we can't imagine how their moves stack up against akainu.. but there is a definitive gap between akainu and them both from portrayal stand point and taking MF into consideration...
zoro has no relevance of fighting Kaido
Luffy and Kid will fight Kaido
Heres the thing, Oda Gave Zoro Enma so he could play a role in this Kaido fight, Luffy trained so he could punch through Kaidos scales.
I dont believe the purpose of Sanjis Stealth Black Raid Suit is for fighting Kaido, Oda already showed the Raid Suit durability/abilties dont work against Yonko. Commanders are a different story however.
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