Who will Kaido fight?

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Also, why is Law out of all people saying that they have to separate them? Doesn't Law literally have spatial hax, which allows him to create big rooms and freely teleport targets to whatever location he desires?
I think this is what happen soon, he gonna seperate Big mom away from her homies and teleport her away from Onigashima.
Would buy enough time for the roofbattle to end.
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It's just a blade, whitebeard roger stronger than mihawk despite yoru being the best
The better the blade, less scratches and tougher it is thats all
Whitebeard and Roger being stronger than him doesn't change the fact that he still has the best fighting weapon in the verse. My point was Yoru > Enma by sword classification with or without the permanent coating.
It will be glorious when Kaido and Big Mom will finally use their full power.
Not sure if Oda would ever do that. If they fight Luffy , then they will always be handicaped. It is a shame, but i think Oda doesnt know how to make a realistic fight using overpowered villains. Many of you want both BM and kaido to wreck havok, but if they do that, then Oda would use an asspull to make luffy and co. win no matter what. At this point, it is better to believe the yonko are not that strong as our headcannons believe they are.
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