Who will Kaido fight?

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That's internal destruction, the one Luffy used on that tree during the mini training chapter. Silly me, I get confused with Haki and Ryou sometimes. I initially thought Ryou was just normal Haki until I was told otherwise. I am pretty sure, this shit is just gna get even more complicated in the future when we learn about Dragon, Shanks and Mihawk's Haki :catcry:
oden had an entire sword style built on advanced ryou. so you can use it casually once you get the hang of it.
Yeah, Kuriel is lying right beneath Akainu's feet while Akainu is pouring Magma on him. Kuriel is on fire from Akainu's magma; you can see the fire (white) coming from Akainu's magma arm. And what's about Ivankov easily surviving? So shall we agree that just because a character has attacks that can knock you out or kill you, doesn't mean each of their moves has to be devastating? Again, it's obvious the Yonko are playing with them. Base Kaido knocked out both Luffy and Oden, and Hybrid Kaido is obviously stronger.
You have to wonder how they fight will go, since the supernovas will receive hits from a serious Kaido during the fight, it's inevitable.

Luffy in particular might receive quite a few of them. Zoro too.

Their durability/endurance will be tested to their limits.
Yeha the sword doesn’t nerf him it’s a buff that wa the point just like shisui.

why would zoro take a sword that would nerf him instead of another sword? It’s a buff otherwise he would not have the sword because there’s literally no point in taking a sword that’s gonna nerf you. They are fighting yonko who is gonna take a sword that nerds them?
zoro can't get back shusui he was offed other swords instead but he chose to take enma because it'll make him stronger when he can fully control it which is obviously not the case. it's more of a burden than a power up.

Gorosei Informer

Me after waiting all this time to see Hybrid Kaido to only get "Whybrid" instead:



Getting flashbacks to the disappointment with Maria's "Zoan" Reveal. If Oda is even going to "explain/make sense" of WTF is going on with her too?


Also not getting my hopes up for the remaining Hybrids to be seen now, for the Calamities and Flying 6 ofc.

Monster Chopper > All these hybrids. I'm hoping Kaido might still have a Monster type form but the beast/dragon form might be the closest thing.

The fact that Maria and Kaido's fanarts for her possible Zoan and for his hybrid form are much better than the official versions is just depressing.

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