Who will Kaido fight?

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Also has Onigashima landed

Orochi says it's floating, but in 2nd last page I dont see any of dragon clouds surrounding Onigashima.

2 chapters prior we saw it next to mountain at flower capital.

Which one is it? Lol
The chances of Sanji running into Orochi/Kanjuro have increased lol. Obviously won't be his main fight but will be funny if he clashes with them after the trolling Zoro got.
Exactly LOL
I swear I feel like Oda is reading these Zorohaters comments.
Remember when they were hating on Zoro for not being included in the last panel of chapter 1003?
We see him in this chapter in the middle between Law and Kid LOL
You can hate what Oda loves.
Yamato wants to assist Luffy and Zoro, which means she may leave Momo to Sanji.
Both Kanjuro and Orochi want to kill Momo. Sanji may actuallt fight one of them.
It would definitely be cool to see some Base Sanji content before his final fight. Could definitely see Sanji taking out Kanjuro or Orochi in some cool ass way. Sanji was also the one who was gonna take Kanjuro out initially.
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