One Piece Chapter 1009 - Hell

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Very good chapter, this one definitely felt like a battle against Emperors compared to the other 3, there was actually tension here at last.

Another parallelism, now with the giants of Elbaf. No wonder these two are brother and sister! I bet BM taught him this.
Btw, Oda doing Toriyama shit (aside from the Haki > all), the attacks are horizontally to the floor so despite being attacks that could destroy the island they aren't doing it because of it lmao.

Confimed CoO user Kaido :suresure:
At least he has the basic stuff lmao.
And I don't know but BM's words after Kaido's seems to imply that she is not sensing them (no CoO) since her response is like she is receiving new info from Kaido lol.

Kaido first time dodging an attack!! After almost 100 chaps of Wano, holy moly. Then Luffy is using Adv CoA? And which lvl? Because in the first three chapters it was clear when he used it, but in this chapter the arm is not even black though that has some logic behind it because of Adv CoA's way of working.

:holdthisl: Katakuri haters, I guess Kaido's AP is crap since he did same damage against Base Luffy Armament, right?

And like I said many times, ::pretends to be surprised:: , Luffy is holding in Base against Kaido, a superior enemy, like he did with Lucci, Katakuri, Cracker, Doflamingo. But here we have tons of idiots who used that for their crap headcanon powerlvls xDDD.

Mann, BM is a fucking monster. This chapter confirms that her durability/hardness > Kaido's. And this makes sense since Kaido's hype about his hardness was debunked by everybody (since many guys cut him), the only hype that still remains is his "immortality", probably related to his abnormal healing recovery rate.

Finally BM is out of picture and it seems Zoro as well is done. Now it should be Killer turn.
Maybe we'll see those 3 remaining SN against Kaido while Luffy is recovering (in case he is actually done for some time) and Killer falls there.
Btw, Oda's Physics knowledge in action with that Faraday Cage trapping Zeus :myman:

Raizo vs Fukurokuju my *****!!! Fucking hype!!
Pls, look at these badasses.

I expect many references to Naruto here :steef:
Hope is not offpaneled bruh.


Imagine the slander if Kidd didn't say 'thanks'
Reality is that doesn't matter what a character does, most of you will still find a way to slander.
The slander mostly comes from combat stuff though, look around you there's already people downplaying the roof five even though they all got massive Ws this chapter.
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