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To give context for the combination attack, "覇海”(Hakai), the first kanji 覇 (ha) is obviously used in the dorry and brogy attack, Hakoku, but is also the first kanji in 覇王色の覇気 (conqueror's haki or supreme king haki, which ever translation u prefer.) It is also the first kanji for haki as stated above. The word hakai is also a pun, as 破壊(hakai) means destroy.
Kaido; it’s quiet there / their voices disappeared
BM; they managed to escape !!
Law; are you alive, zoro-ya ?
Zoro; argh, maybe…
Kidd; thank you for stopping that attack even for just a bit !!
Killer; where is strawhat…
Luffy; gomu gomu no
Luffy; red !!
Luffy; shishi / hehe

BM; argh
Prometheus; aaaah
Zoro; I won’t allow you to recover
Zoro; homurasaki, crossing of the six paths
Prometheus; argh Napoleon; kya stop, I’m just a regular sword
BM; guys..!! homies; save us mama !!
Kaido: The 'Voice' hasn't disappeared
Big Mom: So they escaped? Impressive!!
Law: You alive, Zoro-ya?
Zoro: Ugh....!!....!! I think so...!!
Kidd: Good job stopping it, even if it was just for a moment, thanks....!!
Killer: Straw Hat is!?
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Before the Hakai attack:

Big Mom: Let's one shot them Kaido.* How many of the 5 will be able to survive? Mamama hahaha!!!

* ippatsukamasō literally would be like 'let's hit them once'
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Roof top of Onigashima!

Big Mom : Let's attack together Kaido!
Out of the 5, let's see how many of them will survive this attack! Mama mama!

Kid : Trafalgar! With your abilities, can't you just send one down?
Law : If I could do it, I would have done it a long time ago. Their hakis are so huge that it's not possible to move them.

Kidd : In that case, let's disassemble! (Thanks TDA)

Luffy : Hoi! a big one is coming!

Kaido : Hope your body can do it, old hag!
Big Mom : Who are you talking to, kid?!

Zoro : This one ... it's not possible!

Killer : It's impossible, we can't dodge this one!

Big Mom / Kaido : Hakai!

Kaido : Hmm ?
Big Mom : !!!

Zoro : Run away guys!!
Luffy : Zoro !

Zoro : You will be annihilated!

Kaido : The voices don't disappear ...
Big Mom : Did they managed to escape ? impressive!

Law : Zoro-ya, are you alive ?
Zoro : Yeah, i think!

Kidd : Even if it was for a moment, you were able to stop it!! Thank you !!!
Killer : Where is Mugiwara ?

Luffy : Gomu Gomu no ... Red!
Luffy : hihihi!

Luffy : So you dodged it ? Kaido!!
Luffy : Because it hurts, right ?

Luffy : Ahh!! it hurts!

Kaido : "Kousanze" ( "Trailokyavijaya Vidya-raja, the Conqueror of the three worlds")
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Kaido : Ragnarok!!

Zoro : Luffy!!!* Huff Huff ... !!

Big Mom : ?!

Kidd : I did it!
Law : Room!

Law : Shambles!

Big Mom : What they are doing ?
Big Mom : Hum ? Zeus ?

Zeus : Wha!! where am I ?

Killer : Can you do it Roronoa ?
Zoro : There is no alternative, i must go!

Big Mom : *fall*
Prometheus : Ahh!
Zoro : I won't let you the opportunity to come back to her!
Zoro : Homurasaki ! Rokudo no Tsuji!
Prometheus : Guaah ...

Napoleon : Gyaa!! Stop it! I'm just a simple sword!

Big Mom : Guys!!

Zeus/Prometheus/Napoleon : Mama, help us!!
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Inside the castle!

BP 1 : Stop the fire!
BP 2 : Put out the fire! Water!
BP 3 : It burns!

Kinemon : Orochi!
Orochi : Kinemon
Fukurokuju : Orochi-sama! ... They don't know that you already died once!

Fukurokuju : Please move from here, i will ...
Orochi : As if it's possible .. if i go back, i will face many ennemies! Also those ones were severely injured by kaido!
Orochi : Gwa Gwa Gwa!! You people who never die from the Kouzuki clan, were you surprised ? By the Kanjuro's incident ?

Orochi : Me too, I was surprised ! Kyoushirou!! Gwa! Let's get rid of this confusing situation!

Orochi : I am not afraid of facing injured people like you!
Orochi : I will eat all of you!! To think i was afraid during 20 years by ghosts!!
Orochi : Stupi ...!!!

Edit : I missed the Zoro's quote saying "Luffy"* after Kaido's Ragnarok.
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