Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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you can think what you want
Someone should read this:

Zoro whilst attempting to tame Enma said: "Give it back to me" obviously referring to his general energy and also haki after his arm had shrunk in size. However I believe it's extensively unlikely that Enma is capable to permanently store these even if the user wished to, and eventually the energy would be converted to another form, and regardless Oden's arms were normal before he died. Kaido talks about presence, not even haki, and swords are living objects canonically, eventually Enma simply stored his memories, but that has to be proven later on.

Also I believe that the black blade is decidedly not about storing haki in the sword, but eventually render it particularly hard without storing it, since Zoro failed to cut up Monet.
I’m saying certain feats Oda probably doesn’t seem it as big of a deal like some make it and others he probably thinks are amazing.

For example Oda can think kidd suplexing kaido is the best feat and coolest thing and then think that sanji kicking aokiji ice saber doesn’t mean much.
I suppose you are a mindreader arent you
point is
luffy kidd and zoro looked great this chap
and are now hurt.
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