Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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Zolo only stopped the attack for one second and he was about to die lmao

so much for stopping two Yonko attacks, that's why spoiler threads are garbage, I said this earlier and it was true there was no way Zolo can stop an attack from two Yonko, believing it happened was dumb
Wait... it will be just like last week... Now they are wanking but soon it tgey will be in damage control :suresure:
Big Mom and Kaidou: "Hakai (覇海 Conquering the Sea)!!!"

Big Mom and Kaidou use a massive combined attack, they swing their weapons at the same time and send massive wave at the Supernova which is too fast for any of them to dodge. However, Zoro blocks the attack with his swords.

Zoro: "Get out of the way or we will all die!!"

Big Mom and Kaidou attack destroys part of the island.
Broooo they destroy a part of the island, Zoro legit block for one second a island lvl attack++!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG.....

Zoro mvp of this chapter, then Kid and Law.
But Luffy also doing great stuff!!!

Then Kaidou jumps up and uses "Kouzanze Ragunaraku" (降三世 引奈落 Three-world Ragnarok) an attack where he spins his Kanabo around with a lot of black thunder coming out before striking down on Luffy.
Bro I want to see that attack, sound incredible strong.

As @T.D.A assume it is save to say the three injuried guys are Zoro,Luffy and Kid!!!!


World's Strongest Swordsman
Holy damn, Zoro managed to momentarily block that attack, what an outstanding feat,so Law shambles him right in the middle, makes sense.

Also, this must mean that Zoro's haki is weaker than Big mom and Kaido since Law's hax works on him.

Luffy trash talking Kaido,lol
nah zoro told him to do that and law also shambles luffy as well
both have far superior haki to law
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