Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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There's no probably about it. All 5 would be dead.
And law can only save zoro because of zoro blocking the attack which it says none of them could dodge in time
He still took the strongest attack we've ever seen took the damage and still carried on to take prometheus out.
Just need to correct the last bit, as he took a fraction of the attack and the damage it would cause, because the attack barely lost any force and continued to cause said destruction after Zoro was saved by Law.

You agree with this since you agree it would kill all 5 SN's if they stood their ground and tried to stop it, let alone just Zoro.

I know it's tempting to do what you're doing here and try to get a bit more out of it, but we can be fair about it.

so it's official ... Zoro stood in front of the strongest known attack in one piece verse
well duh...his eos enemy is WSS
these emperors are just on big step towards mihawk

even mihawk didnt want to fight weaker version of shanks, and he is one of emperor
that can stop kaido from reaching marineford
and can split the sky when clashing with WB

its confirm mihawk is above emperor because base form zoro can hold 2 emperors attack at the same time,
First the pictures haven't drop. Jinbei took a real physical blow like a champ, while Zoro seem to took a shockwave and block it with his swords and is now badly injured.

How nerf was Linlin?
Linlin was confident that she could cut Jinbei in two with her attack.
Big Mom was emaciated ans weaker physically, in her crazed state and not using Coa.
So yes she was nerfed.
So Orochi could use any number of heads he wishes for at any time. and he even could hide some in his body whenever he wants. Wouldn't that make him unkillable unless his whole body is vaporized or at least cut to small pieces?
I think someone needs to push him to use all his heads.....then slay them all at one time. I can only see Zoro being able to do this with Ashura:goyea:
And only got badly damaged because he was teleported away, or else R.I.P. :goyea:

To be honest that makes the moment in itself even better, because Zoro stood in front of that even if it could have meant his death.

It's not all about power levels and maximum wank, if one actually likes a charater such moments are more important than that :super:
Yeah I bet if the attack would’ve hit the 5 would be dead and that’s logical.
You’re right with the character portrayal , that’s why I love Zoro. Strength isn’t everything
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