Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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Nothing is the faq wrong with me... you aren't understanding that you can still derive possibilities from what had been said without contradicting the premise of power in one piece
This is a children’s story . Why are you getting confused by simple concepts in it. Boat is explained the same way by two samurai and it’s haki . Why is that so hard for you to grasp
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He cut something much tougher than steel and proved that haki isn't needed to cut steel and tougher materials, lol.
So he didn’t cut steel?
Marines said Snitch and Kaido had a scuffle. Where was Kaido? Snitch came to Marineford. And Kaido pictures Snitch among the greatest.

Went to fuck around somewhere else with his suiciding habit perhaps? Because there's no way that someone who was on a mission to slaughter Whitebeard would run away from Snitch. And we would've heard of an emperor's defeat if Snitch emerged victorious. And if Snitch didn't win but got the upper hand he would have at least been lightly damaged. But none of that happened.

What happened in canon was that Kaido got some fine tasty West Blue rum + a Road Poneglyph:milaugh:
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