Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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I'm sorry but there has to be a certain level of consideration for the people visiting your platform. Surely there are other Sanji themed pictures to use beside this one.

This theme is too bright and fecking up with people's eyes. Why would any mod do something this reckless. Please just pick another Sanji picture and use it. This is seriously ridiculous.
Before Aokiji showing up, I hope Greenbull get finally his shine and showing up.
Greenbull vs Big mom could be a great battle, the one having a most like a mystic zoan power with time based power while Big mom who is kinda based on Gaia. Battle of giants with Big mom pulling out more elbaf moves+cominate her homies, while Greenbull could show up in hybrid^^ Ofc both not using awakening(would Oda use later).
Yes I’m hoping for Greenbull too. I hope also that some vice admirals show up and beat the big mom pirates. This would be a great fight :blush:
Kaido wants to die yet he's now dodging attacks so he doesn't get hurt. :okay:
We going see the backstory soon. Somebody has to do something to him to trigger it. For Doffy Law injuring him and mentioning the D. For Big mom it was mother caramel. The bad thing is after a fkashback the villian normally does something crazy good. Doffy bodying Law , BM stopping the missiles. Maybe Luffy or Zoro tells him he doesn't really wanna due and its an act.
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