Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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I don't understand the Mama hate TBH. It took 4 Supernova working together to BFR her. Kaido wouldn't have done any better if he had her powers. She was removed because they neutralised her three homies and she can't fly. There's no shame getting beaten like that.

Hold back an Emperor? Where do you place Base Kaido? I have him as a mid top tier.

A fresh Rooftop Zoro can probably contend with Base Kaido for a while.

He's just sexist.

It's by design a ranged attack. This would be like talking about wanking a direct hit from 1080 Pound Cannon, when the attack is intrinsically a flying slash.

There's no such thing as a direct hit from Hakai, as the attack itself is the flying slash it creates.

Zoro has:
  • The offensive prowess to damage top tiers
    • Hiryuu Kaen terrified the Yonkou and compelled Mama to warn Kaido to dodge.
      • Zoro can severely injure the most durable top tier.
    • Kokujo Ou Tatsumaki completely overwhelmed Kaido's Tatsumaki and cut him up.
      • Zoro can overwhelm a named attack from a top tier
        • This was Dragon Kaido's most potent attack
  • The defensive prowess to block top tier attacks
    • Blocking Hakai however momentarily
  • The endurance to withstand attacks from top tiers
    • Indra
    • God of Lightning: Tenjin
    • Several off panel attacks from Kaido and Meme
    • He endured Hakai for a bit
  • The reactions to engage top tiers in CQC.
    • Intercepted Heavenly Fire
    • Deflected Demolition Gust
    • Intercepted Boro Breath
    • Dodge Motherly Fire while carrying Luffy
    • Dodged Tatsumaki: Gale of Destruction while carrying Luffy
    • Intercepted Hakai

The only reason Zoro can't beat an Admiral/Yonkou by himself is that his stamina doesn't last long enough (he's pretty winded after fighting for at most a few hours, compared to top tiers who can go for 10 days).

Again, I don't see how Zoro is not a low top tier at this point. Especially if you consider Luffy one.

The Difference Between Zoro and Luffy and High Tiers
High Tiers Zoro and Luffy
When a top tier catches a high tier off guard, they take them out of the fight:
  • Kuzan freezing Jozu's arm.
  • Sakazuki making a donut of Ace.
  • Kaido oneshotting Boundman.
  • O-Lin two shotting Queen.
When a top tier catches the Roof Five off guard, they tank the attack and keep on going:
  • Mama's Indra (Zoro)
  • Mama's God of Lightning: Tenjin (Zoro)
  • Kaido's Boro Breath (Luffy)
  • Kaido's Three-world Ragnarok (Luffy)
When a high tier catches a top tier off guard they are unable to deal significant damage:
  • Jozu's sneak attack on Kuzan
  • Marco and Vista's sneak attack on Sakazuki
  • Pre Udon Boundman's barrage vs Kaido
Zoro and Luffy can deal significant damage to the most durable top tiers.
  • Red Roc rattled Kaido's skull and had him wondering how high Luffy's ceiling was
  • Hiryuu Kaen was so potent it terrified the Yonkou and caused Mama to warn Kaido to dodge.
    • After it landed, she commented that they had "really underestimated" Zoro.
  • Kong Gatling knocked Kaido out for a few seconds
  • Kokujo Ou Tatsumaki cut Kaido and had him coughing up blood.
  • Kaido dodged Red Hawk.
cinera popped out a comparison table
we cant beat this guy lol
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