Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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Zoro blocking Hakai was even more hype than I expected:


Could someone please translate the entire dialogue in the above pages?

From the Raws, it's not clear to me that Law Shambles Zoro out of danger. The dialogue could make that clear, but it's not obvious from the image. Law does appear to be teleporting someone, but that might just be himself to dodge the attack.

How is Zoro not the MVP when the rest of the team literally owes him their life?

the only reason zoro is next to law is because he got transported
Really want see non contact haki panels soon......Luffy can do it, Kaido can do it....Need clash of them using it against each other soon......

Today's back and forth between Yonkos and SN looks fantastic. It has been better than one side punching another while the other side is just tanking attacks.
You realize that zoro recognizes the attack from little garden right? That’s why he told everyone to dodge because he remembered it
Zoro doesn't tell them to dodge.

He says something like this is really bad.
Then Killer says it's impossible, we can't dodge it.
Zoro then blocks it and says run away everyone.
We'll be annihilated.

But take the translation with a grain of salt. I can only read hiragana and katakana because I spent a few hours learning it. The translating is from years of weebing to anime. Lol.
Luffy tanks an attack from Hybrid Kaido:

Luffy dodges another of Hybrid Kaido's attacks:

Luffy tanks Hybrid Kaido's Three-world Ragnarok:

Imagine still thinking that a Thunder Bagua can oneshot any of the Roof Five.

They've been taking attacks from Kaido and Mama for several tens of minutes and are still kicking.

Hakai >>> Three-world Ragnarok >> Thunder Bagua.
Luffy didn't tanked the last attack.........we don't see that............and blocked the previous attack.........divine thunder to the HEAD is still lethal............club attack to the body not so much........plus they can block to some extent...........
Possibilities for how Big Mom is Saved:

1. Kaido Creates a Cloud & Saves her (Their Debt is settled)
2. Her Children were following the Island on Sea, so they see her Falling & Save her
3. She creates a New Homie & saves Herself (Finally learned after Falling multiple times)
4. She falls into the Sea & O-Lin is Back in Wano
5. Surprise Character appears & Saves her
6. Maybe Onigashima is already on Top of Wano so she Falls on Land
7. Due to Luck, she falls on the Piece of Horn that Zoro Destroyed
8. She isn't Saved, BM is dealt with until End of Wano
9. Something completely Unpredictable from Oda
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