Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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nah he was pretty serious.. until he lost it and cracked sanji's leg but sanji still stale mating him
No you're capping out rn. Vergo collided with Sanji's knee cap and Vergo collided with his ankle. How on earth did he break Sanji if there isnt a huge gulf in power between them? Vergo uses no hardness of the leg and Sanji uses his strongest block with the hardest muscles and bones.

Vergo was just sparring the whole time and trolling Sanji, the leg break was just psychological as Vergo can cripple Sanji if he wanted. He fought this way to humiliate Sanji lol

You people seriously dont realise Vergo was just fighting in this condescending manner to make Sanji feel like shit? lol, lack of contextual reading and comprehension 101
Guaranteed Kaido has a more dragonlike form via awakening.

Almost seems on the nose at this point because of how humanlike Oda made his hybrid right now
Nice to see people also believing that awakening has a third form. Yes judging how Monster Chopper was loooking like, I assume Kaido in his awakened form gonna be more dragonlike.
Big mom and he get portrayal close and Linlin didn't use her awakening too.

The question is when he gonna use it, probably after the flyera going to take down?
I assume the calamity have a awaknened zoan form too.
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