Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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Whose alt are you ? Been here less than 24 hours and already talking about Zoro in most of your posts :milaugh:
1 second ? tell me where it says that ? You talk like blocking for a moment two top tiers combo is easy lmao!
Your fav won't even see the roof top landscape, don't forget it sanji boy.
Nobodies alt bro, here from reddit to laugh at the ZKK retards
Nami is probably first. I've also really started to like Franky after re-reading Water 7 and Enies Lobby.
Kuzan, Sakazuki... Mihawk, Shanks are good duos too.
I don't really "love" any characters though. They're just cool lol
Why did you ask?
cause you a weirdo lol
you a diehard zkk stan but dont actually stan zoro
i just wanted know who your favorites are
Going by portrayal, I think. Rest, he'll probably get some good feats in the near future. That's why I said should and not is. I should've mentioned a small imo too I think.
Sure, he will get some "good feats", but he will never on the same level of importance as warlords and Katakuri. Which will forever hurt how people portray his strength. Especially when the idea of "commander level" goes away post-Wano.
People hold King to a higher standard because they think he's a tier above Queen and two tiers above Jack. In reality, he isn't any more important than the other two.


𝐀𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐧𝐧𝐲 𝐏𝐞𝐭
Now would be the time to do it because everyone who thinks Zoro is beyond King (rightfully so) can at least agree that it would be a decent fight since he's weaker now.

I'd say let's wait and see what happens to Marco, Yamato, and Sanji. If none actually fight King...it would have to be Zoro right?
Nah, Zoro still hasn't yet completed his role in the Kaido fight. He still needs to:
  • Give Kaido a new scar or reopen Oden's own scar
  • Be recognised as the "monster samurai" of the likes of Kozuki Oden
  • Blacken Enma
  • Kill Kaido

my man zoro didn't even use haki to stop HAKAI!!! :steef::steef::steef::steef::finally::finally::finally:
Zoro used barrier COA to block Hakai. That's what you see here:

Shouldn't Kaido be able to float Big Mom back up on a cloud ?

Or maybe they will use this to showcase the "betrayal between pirates" thing where Kaido let's her fall to the sea, thinking he can handle things by himself.
Nah, I don't think they'll betray each other:
  • Mama sees Kaido as her little brother
  • Mama has tried to save Kaido many times during this battle
    • While Kaido was dazed from Scyther Sonic, she struck Killer down with Indra before he could go for the kill.
    • She warned Kaido not to try and tank Hiryuu Kaen
      • She followed up by sniping Zoro again with Indra afterwards
      • She chastised Kaido for underestimating Zoro
  • She's shown concern and worry for Kaido
    • She inquired on his condition after Luffy knocked him down with Kong Gatling
  • They have friendly banter
    • Kaido asked Mama if she was still in shape enough to perform Hakai.

It will be incredibly shitty of Kaido to try and betray Mama after all the assistance she's provided him, the genuine worry she's shown for him, and just how straightforward she's been in her dealings with him. If Kaido doesn't assist Mama, it's because he can't.
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Big Mom when they sent their one-shot Hakai Dbz beam.....but then it stops moving

Aside from the Strength/Endurance feat
Zoro literally gave his life up for the group to escape.

This is one for the history books...

The anime will really make the scene pop.

Hell, can we even dare to speculate Zoro could've held it off longer..👀 only until Law moved Zoro, that the Hakai blast beam could continue on its path to lay waste on part of the island/Sky. Right up until he got moved, it looked like he held his ground.
I am hearing zoro deflected the Hakai.... who came up with this... and if he did deflect it why wouldn't BM and kaido note to it... why did he give up holding it after split seconds.... what the hell is wrong with people exaggerating and making up fallacious feats... how they even define deflection... even kid says "thanks for holding it"

Again rather than admiring sacrifice he did injuring himself Nibbas be him declaring PK level already... wtf
cause you a weirdo lol
you a diehard zkk stan but dont actually stan zoro
i just wanted know who your favorites are
I push the ZKK stuff hard because I think the theory makes perfect sense but people dismiss it because of their irrational hate for Zoro. Zoro is a cool guy, but what makes the Zoro moments great is when they fit exactly what you predicted about him.
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