Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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I push the ZKK stuff hard because I think the theory makes perfect sense but people dismiss it because of their irrational hate for Zoro. Zoro is a cool guy, but what makes the Zoro moments great is when they fit exactly what you predicted about him.
You been on it long enough to see the mainstream perception of it slowly change and that's hilarious for us.
Vergo trashes the clowns who are going to get 2V2'd by Nami and Usopp.

You can't read. Vergo manhandles WW. Yes Vergo can give Jinbe a high diff fight. He's not some fodder veteran trash.

Clear case of someone who jumped on a bandwagon led by stupid youtubers or didn't pay enough attention.
Smoker is stronger than Sanji who you'd never call "fodder".
Smoker washes Tobirropos and will fight with LUFFY when they meet again
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There isn't anyone stronger than Zoro for Sanji to fight unless you think Sanji will fight Kaido.
Lmao Jenbei wrecks Vergo trash ass. Has soon has Law got his Heart back he got destroyed
Yeah, I retract my comments about Beckmann and Shiryu, they are unknown factors.

I don't think Kidd defeats Mama either, but if it happens at all, it would happen in Wano; this is the arc where the new generation have been setup to surpass the old.

I think Zoro will sit out of the fight for a bit after this chapter.
  • Law asks him if he's still alive in the aftermath of the attack:
  • Zoro is shown panting again:
  • Killer asks him if he's able to perform the combo attack to remove Mama:
  • Zoro replies that there's no alternative, so he will just have to:
  • At the end of the chapter, he removes his bandana and is shown coughing up blood:
Oh thanks. I didn't catch that but I am hopeful Law would help him seeing how he is a Doctor and all.
Smokers looks poor. He is not even top vet level.
Smoker doesn't look poor.
Smoker dominated Law in CqC and had him pinned to the ground, his seastone jutte was an inch away from ending the fight right here and there.
He also fought Law while being unaware of how his abilities worked.

Then he fought Vergo, maybe you watched the Anime which made Smoker look 10 time worse than the manga, but Smoker got high diff'd by Vergo, he never got trashed by him and that was Smoker who fought to rescue Law's heart.

Then injured Smoker with no weapon got owned by bloodlusted Doffy ... so what? Doffy owned Sanji in 2 panels, destroyed Law easily and mocked Base Luffy over and over.

Smoker absolutely washes top vet. Top vet can't even beat FRANKY who has no CoA/CoO.
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