Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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I’m guessing we will see king and queen reacting to the attack next chapter along with the others on the live floor. Nami and usopp also reacting.

on the roof will probably be everyone still standing.

i can see them doing combo attacks on kaido next chapter.

For example a kidd and law combo with law rooming Kidd to the sky then kidd smashing kaido like bullet in stampede
yea thats nice.. i wanted kid and luffy to di that to Kaido tho together it would be
just wanted to say Zolo and Erza comparison was always accurate

and Zolo latest feat prove it, both characters show feats that doesn't make any sense because the author is concerned about making them look cool more than he's concerned with good writing

both shit characters that can't be taken seriously for the same reason
I don't think it was that scandalous.
I mean, Marco and Jozu managed to block the strongest attacks from Kizaru and Mihawk respectively.

In the scenario that Zoro is against the attack of 2 yonkous:
> Zoro did not block the attack, he only interrupted it for 1 second.
> Needed the help of Law's teleport to survive
> He was on the verge of death, even though the attack didn't even land on him completely

In this scenario, I think that some YCs can do the same. You just fell into the pile of Zoroboys who are ecstatic
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