Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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Why would Zeus help Kid?
He might not have a choice. When I saw Zeus in the metal box that Kidd created, it gave me an idea. What if he uses the box with Zeus in it as some sort of core or battery for his mechanic creations.:choppawhat:
Like he creates a giant mech and then puts the box with Zeus in the middle of it to act as a core that powers the whole thing or something.
Despite the fact that it makes perfect sense seeing something like this when 2 emperors were involved it still feels crazy, like watching something meant for the final arc or something.
What can possibly happen to the SNs after this chap?
Law, Kid, and Killer carrying the fights?
I’m guessing we will see king and queen reacting to the attack next chapter along with the others on the live floor. Nami and usopp also reacting.

on the roof will probably be everyone still standing.

i can see them doing combo attacks on kaido next chapter.

For example a kidd and law combo with law rooming Kidd to the sky then kidd smashing kaido like bullet in stampede


you weren't a part of the argument, regardless there is not a period you can point in my posts which involve bashing zoro
or downplaying him.. i'd like you to go ahead and try since you seem to be persistent.
period? You mean ever since you joined WG?
Not changing anything current zoro is pushing him extreme diff
Also next time we see him he'll be in impel
NO ! Here's my headcanon about it :

The Navy sends the Admiral Kizaru to lead the Buster Call which includes the "Hero of the Marines" Garp, the admiral candidates Chaton & Momousagi and the SSG, in order to be 100% certain that Mihawk will be killed or captured.
However, Mihawk's skills far surpass their understanding :

  • cutting everything to dust ;
  • reconnecting perfectly any cut sections from anything through his kokuto as if nothing happened ;
  • manipulating matter at the atomic level thanks to slices of exceptional finesse allowing him to :
    • transform anything (objects, living beings and even the environment around him including space itself).
    • generate attacks combining various natural elements at the same time.
The Buster Call is unable to handle Mihawk. Kizaru gets killed because of his carelessness and Garp sacrifices himself to save everyone.
Mihawk comes out of the battle without the slightest scratch on him while getting his new bounty :

Dracule Mihawk
Wanted : Dead Only
Bounty : Becoming a Celestial Dragon

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An advanced version will almost certainly be shown. It should be something pretty significant, I think.
Luffy doesn't have it though, so it's not a point in his favour.

@Fenaker @Cinera , are you okay with this guy's slander about zoro? 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

ZORO is in fact LOW TOP TIER and can even be admiral LEVEL at this moment> = FUJITORA, he did not receive 1 shot from KAIDO the strongest in the world, he certainly is one.
lol at current Zoro being stronger than Fujitora
If Issho doesn't have an Awakening, then current Zoro vs Issho would be a debatable matchup IMO.

I guess Issho should be scaled to being at least on par with Kaido's Base by virtue of being an Admiral. Can Zoro beat Base Kaido? I doubt it.

Zoro loses for now by scaling I think.i expect him to eventually get feats that place him above Base Kaido. He should be able to push Base Kaido to a high difficulty fight already.
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