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One Piece - Chapter 1011
Title: Red Bean Code of Honor

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Pretty damn good chapter.

We finally get confirmation that Tama’s df only works on SMILE users.

So the theory of Big Mom creating a new homie was correct, BM spamming Hera looked devastating

So it seems like Kidd is still going after Big Mom while Killer will be going up against Hawkins (Really looking forward to how this match up will go and how Kidd does against an Yonkou himself).

Luffy is really out here going 1 vs 1 against Kaido what a god damn monster.

The perception of a moral code even among pirates has been brought up a few times before. It seems that BM doesn't share Kaido's conviction that there is no loyalty or code among pirates. The full summary made the spoilers a lot less confusing for sure.
A nice Big Mom chapter and a super-sized dessert color spread to accompany it. Love giant semi-realistic Nami's features and Robin/Jinbe/Usopp sharing a drink. The scaled down Strawhats exploring is going to be fun in Elbaf.

Introducing Hera the living thunderbolt, wife of Zeus and more or less his full-time replacement, and Prometheus's requested girlfriend? Prometheus throwing Zeus under the bus and getting with his wife Hera sounds like a Greek tragedy come true. Devastating as well with Fulgora looking bigger than Enel's Amaru. Law, Zoro, and Zeus descending to the dome only for Zeus to find BM at the end looks like set up for a Nami and Zeus vs Hera moment.

Luffy and Kaido already becoming social distancing pros like Roger and Whitebeard. Kaido is absolutely excited that he found a new slugbuddy who can wean him off his boredom. Is he going to blush like Katakuri too? It's still unbelievable that Luffy isn't doing it with a weapon or Gears, just his O Wazamono grade Pirate King sandals. I should compliment the skull dome for never collapsing too.

The brainless Scarecrow Vs the emotionless Tin-head in the Wano of Oz. Hawkins enters the fray against two Supernova like Luffy and Zoro before, but luckily for him it's Killer's turn to deal with the traitor. The 92% chance to die looks reasonable as Killer has been surviving two Yonko on the roof and suffered quite a bit of damage in the process. Interesting to note that Hawkins still has bandages from fighting Law a week ago, while Kamazou fully recovered after being dumped in Udon. The dolls will absorb his damage so it doesn't matter too much. Hawkins, who seems incapable of independent judgement and leaves his fate up the cards, strikes me as a man who will flip when the alliance's chances finally look good or have a moment where he himself wishes to defy the odds. As that's not happening any time soon, seeing his Gouma no Sou from Sabaody get a haircut from Killer will be a treat.

Big Mom betrays Kaido not over a poneglyph, not over a dispute in their vision, but a little Tama and red bean soup. Tama prepares to give the Gifters one final order, but other than "Execute Order 66" I'm not sure what could be so shocking as to require build up. A funny sequence with Nami giving Pay-Pay the stick and Usopp unveiling a pine cone barrage and explosion, only for Page One to get one paged by Big Mom. Usopp had his skull busted by Ulti so fighting a Page One with a snapped neck is still a fair fight, right? Tama unlocks Big Mom's Mama mode, probably the reason why someone as clumsy and destructive Big Mom didn't just end up killing most of her 85 children before they were old enough to look after each other. Mihawk was right about Tama - there is an ability out there far scarier than Kibi Dango or Conqueror's haki.

Mother Caramel, please blink twice if you're still alive in there. When Judge said Big Mom had no honor for assassinating them without their suits at the wedding, his only mistake was not bringing children under 10 to use as hostages. Then again, Mama mode didn't activate when little Brulee was scarred, Pudding was regularly bullied, Momo was beaten and hung up on display, and she'll burn down countries that don't hand over the candy tribute regardless of the children. This is more like Gin mode and the key word is Prometheus said it only actives SOMETIMES. Tama and Okobore were kind to BM in her moment of weakness and fed her one of her new favorite foods, triggering Big Mom's desire to repay the debt. She's a gray antagonist with a good face and a bad face, not the simple evil archetype we're used to. Wait until she hears what Kaido did to Tama. The only thing standing between Momzilla and the annihilation of the Beast Pirates is a Pachio Bomber or Kid putting up a fight. Welp. We're about to find out why the dinosaurs went extinct.:madmonk:


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6.5/10. Im bothered by Luffy vs Kaido and the whole Linlin fiasco.

I wouldn't be bothered if the simple answer to Linlin stepping in for tama (momentarily) is that she simply has gratitude because she showed her kindness.. I could do without none of that extra mother mode shit.

Though Linlin looks amazing because Oda is lettering her breath a little. :steef:

As for Luffy vs Kaido, it's still super asspullish in my eyes. I know some think it's ok but I don't like how easily Luffy is doing all of this especially while in base.

it's a 6.5/10 but the Linlin stan in me if I ignore her mischaracterization would give this a 9 just because it feels good to see her with some restrictions lifted.
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