How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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OK .... wait

1- Luffy is using PUNCH with Ad.CoA + Ad.CoC
2- Kaido send him back
3- Luffy RETURNS kicking with CoC alone and no CoA
When did Kaido send him back?
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So the whole fight is Kaido and Luffy aren't going to be touching each other?
You don't always have to use it. Just like BM just used it now. Just like Luffy not going G4

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Luffy will have to be careful when dealing with the Magu Magu. He certainly can't play the "let's tank this with my face" game like he did with Prometheus and the Boro Breath.
Or Ragnarok, Luffy tanked that one too with standard armament Haki and not even AdCoC. This AdCoC powerup is needed for Luffy to face Akainu though. The ability to defeat Akainu is impossible if you are forced to physically hit him.

If Akainu fought the version of Luffy that was pounding Kaido right before the AdCoC powerup, Luffy would be a puddle of ash in the dirt right now lol.
The top tiers are only a handful of the very strongest lol. Statistically speaking, every New World veteran is among the very strongest people in the OP world. There are only like what? 10 top tiers? With there being dozens or hundreds of people in the New World world who fall into the category of being in the top 1% of the OP world in terms of strength?

Yeah, every top tier will have advanced CoC lol. You can’t look anybody in the eye and tell them that Oda will give big meme advanced CoC but won’t give it to characters like Akainu whom Oda fangasms over every time he brings him up in interviews lol.
- handful means around 5 ... it's HANFUL
- Kaido didn't consider ANY MARINE as people who can FIGHT HIM
- Admirals FEARD CoC power

everything point out to ... my point

now ... maybe you can have a chance of being right ... but

Yonko PROVED they are among VERY Strongest
while Admirals are yet among only the strongest

come on man ... this war is over

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COA is a prerequisite to be able to use this form of COC.
It's not, I am not even sure where you get that from.

The act of not touching has been signaled as an ADV COA thing. It's only more evident/noteworthy when you mix it with Conquerors because again, Ragnarok and Thunder Bagua are Adv COC attacks yet, they make contact unless ADV COA is used.
Sure, Not-touching is an advanced COA thing but it's not something exclusive to COA alone. If it is, then I am afraid Oda did a piss poor job at emphasizing it. I mean when was the last time Luffy hit someone without touching them while using ADCOA? And how do you know Kaido wasn't making contact only because he started using ADCOA? How do we even know Luffy is using ADCOA in the first place?

To Coat yourself in COC you must know ADV COA because it is about the concept of letting Haki flow. Without it, you can't do what Luffy, Kaido, Linlin, Roger/WB have done.
Zoro used COC in conjunction with Asura. He doesn't even know ADCOA.
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