How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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No. Sanji is not fighting anyone.

Since clashing with someone = Sanji not getting a fight according to your logic. Dont you dare say Sanji vs P1, Kanjuro or any other bs.
It really depends on plot, don't expect Oda to likely come up with a simple flip.

Queen spelling those words about Zoro and Sanji, particularly with the Germa notion we know, since Judge worked with Queen it would appear. A lot of juicy content.
Sanji role right now is protect Momonosuke and the Scabbards

but from who? that's the question

if only it was hinted that there's some blond villain with funny eyebrows who has been controlling the scene and planning shit in the shadows


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No you don't. Else you wouldnt be bringing up clashing with Vergo or Doffy.

If you believe Sanji is getting a fight then drop that fraudulent argument
his clashes with those guys are relevant because they show that he doesn't fight the people he clashes with, he may still fight ,just not king
And in what way were Hachi, Mr 1 and Kaku relevant in relation to Zoro....after their fights with him ? What a pathetic argument.

Bentham was more relevant than any of them could hope for.
Mr1's relation is with Crocodile as his right hand. Who is relevant in the TS.
Hachi's relation is with Luffy and Zoro (for the man who defeated him) who was relevant in FI.
Kaku is in CP0, the first victim to Asura. And has plot ties along with Lucci.

Bentham is special because he became an ally with Luffy.
You can wank Mr.2 all you want. I like him as well.

But the reason you wank him for has nothing to do with Sanji.
You only think that so you can feel good about yourself. :zosleepy:


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Oda said Kaido > Akainu in SBS, cry all you want.
No he didn't quite say so. Regardless the databooks suggest that Kaido still doesn't feature as WSC, on top of Oda not consistently portraying his title in the story, on top of Zoro spelling his famous words to the detriment of Kaido's hype.
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