Where is Law?

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The Straw Hats join the Red Scabbards.
- Kiku says he will take care of Kanjuurou. Izou is worried about Kiku's arm.
- Nekomamushi meets Shishilian who tells him that Pedro has died.
They also tell him that his murderer is on the island and they go after him.
- Momonosuke says there are 2 voices on the roof.
- Sanji takes Zoro with him who is injured.
- Kawamatsu and Izou join Sanji.
- Page One has fallen, Ulti tries to attack Big Mom.
- Komachiyo falls, Ulti hits Tama.
- Big Mom is enraged at Ulti for hitting her friend.
- However, the one who attacks Ulti is Nami.
Usopp: "Wait a minute, Nami. We have to run !!"
Nami: "No. I can't take it anymore. Someone who hits a child ... !!

I'm going to finish her right here !!!"

So it's gonna be Perospero vs Neko? Seems like a good fight. We should see the BM pirates soon again.
Really like it and it seems like Neko and the rest of the minks vs Perospero,that actually sound good. If Pero coming out again with a W they should need to build him a statue in Totland,the dude is a walking W. Better then any beast pirate right now outside of Kaido himself lol xD.

Sanji care for Zoro is a great moment. Probably his food could bring Zoro in feet again and we could get actually a dreamteam fight with Sanji+Zoro vs King.

Law is missed so I assume he is under the dome to help Inuarashi soon.
Not open for further replies.