Who will Knock Out Sanji?

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Next chapter Luffy should atleast awakening his devil fruit to help himself. Before he go into the sea and dead. And use gear 4 with out of Haki like this.

To escape his dead from the sea. Before Luffy himself can used gear 5 that oda hint for defeat Kaidou in SBS 98. And it look like the others especially Yamato herself can't help him anymore. Luffy is uder onigashima island now. And Yamato didn't know this because momo can't tell her anymore that what state of Luffy is in right now.
Thanks for this chapter that make hinted for Gear 5 in SBS 98 by Oda himself is looks a real thing for now.

Cause Advance Barrier Penetration COC is not enough to defeat Kaidou. Cause Base Luffy AP = Hybrid Kaidou AP from mangacanon in chapter 1011.

But Hybrid Kaidou DF >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Base Kaidou >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Base Luffy DF.

Cause Hybrid Kaidou can one shot Luffy with one attack from mangacanon in chapter 1009 while Luffy can't one shot Hybrid Kaidou from mangacanon in chapter 1010. Kaidou need one attack to hit Luffy's body for knock him out that why Luffy lost in this chapter.

May we can see a good fight for my boy Kaidou awakening devil fruit power vs Gear 5 Luffy in Wano act 4.
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