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Very good chapter. Really enjoyed that one.
Things finally seem to move again. We've seen a glimpse of roughly all major fights around Onigashima except Killer/Hawkins and Drake/Apoo, then everyone was made aware of Luffy's defeat plus Kaido coming to finish what's left. If Onigashima was already roughly above the capital it would've been perfect to me.

The small heavy hints that Oda threw in there are also very significant as most pointed out.

Wano being a turtle does make sense because

1. Momo hear something.
2. It will fit the 4 Chinese Gods Mythology. (Azure Dragon, Byakko, Suzaku, and Genbu)
So I guess this theory becomes true after all.
Yamato is for sure the white Tiger while Marco probably symbolizes the remaining one.

Gorosei Informer

Imagine Zoro visits ryuma's grave without ZKK.:josad::josad::josad:
Wow....just WOW....I never even considered that possibility...Jeez....

Imagine how humilating, defeating and just all round emotionally crushing that would be for Zoro and us?
"I'm sorry, Ryuuma...I failed you."

I really hope this never happens but I wouldn't mind seeing it as a fan art/panels though.

It kinda makes me think of the Sanji fan panels of him crying over Zoro's grave and lamenting how much he misses him:


Kaido to kinemon:

I forgot to post this earlier^. I didn't make it but I saw it in the spoiler thread.
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